Fixtures and Gages

Advantage offers a wide range of products to ensure quality in your design and manufacturing process.  Our fixtures and gages are held to the highest standards.  Quality and repeatability in our products will help reduce the transition time from prototype to full production.

Key Benefits

Prototype fixtures and wood models

Assembly fixtures

C.M.M. holding fixtures

Attribute check fixtures (full form with S.P.C. ports)  

Automotive and Aircraft drill templates, punches and dies

Precision gages for high tolerance safety components

Guaranteed Repeatability and Reproducibility

Superior quality and precision

Some of our fixture and gage capabilities include but are not limited to:

Plastic Parts:

Grilles, Fascias, G.O.R.’s,  rocker covers, I.P. components, wheel flares and liners, outer body side moldings, step pads, interior/exterior trim components, mirror housings and assemblies.



Metal Stampings:

Frame rails, engine mounts, wheelhouse components, under-body pans and covers, misc. brackets and panels.


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