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Design Servies

Advantage Design & Tool, Inc. utilizes the best and latest CAD technology. 3D solid modeling is the latest tool that greatly reduces unforeseen design and build errors.

Key Benefits

  1.  Actual representation of produce.
  2. Product simulation of potential problems.
  3. Reduced manufacturing time.
  4. Superior quality.

CNC Servies

Advantage Design & Tool, Inc. can offer cutter path programming and CNC services for high volume and low production demands.

Consulting Services

Advantage Design & Tool, Inc. offers services to aid customers with gauging requirements. Many times the supplier is handed the responsibility for establishing GD&T and SPC locations. Our extensive knowledge in these areas can be used to ensure greater gauge repeatability and reproductibility.

CMM Inspection & Certification

  1. Full gauge certification.
  2. 3rd party certification.
  3. Statistical analysis for R&R.
  4. PPAP capability studies.
  5. Part layout studies

Fixtures, Gauges & Tooling

Fixtures & Gauges

We have a wide range of capabilities for both plastic and metal parts ranging from small brackets and components to full fascias which include:

  1. Prototype Fixtures and Wood Models.
  2. CMM Holding Fixtures.
  3. Attibute Check Fixtures (Full Form with SPC Ports).
  4. Automotive, Aircraft & Military Drill Tempaltes, Punches & Dies.
  5. Assembly Fixtures.

Some of our fixture and gauge capabilites include, but are not limited to:

Plastic Parts

Fascias, G.O.R.'s, Rocker Covers, I.P. Components, Wheel Flares, Outer Moldings, Step Pads, Lenses & Interior Covers.

Metal Parts

Frame Rails, Engine Mounts, Wheelhouse Components, Underbody Panels, Covers & Brackets.


Layup and Trim Tools, Drill Plates, Apply & Spray Templates, Assembly Tooling, Body Fitting & Mechanical Equipment.